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Do you know what Papaya is? Papaya is one of the tropical fruits which is endemic of tropics of America and Mexico and it is planted in India, South Africa, Showing results for Sri Lanka and Philippine, as well. For the first time, Papaya has been planted in Yazd in Iran and it has been sold in this country as imported fruit, too. The papaya, whose binomial name Carica papaya, is one of the species of the family Caricaceae. This plant, like other trees of this family, has a long fleshy stem and its pear shaped fruit attached to the end of this stem or trunk. This fruits is also known as Papaw or Papita, or Carica. We will discuss more about the benefits and specifications of papaya.

Specifications of Papaya

Papaya fruit is 15 to 20 centimeters in diameter. The skin is green at first and the ripe fruit is amber or orange. This fruit is watery with yellow, orange or pink flesh and soft and sweat tissue. There are many black bitter seeds within the flesh of papaya. You can use the ripe fruit uncooked. Since the raw fruit has large amount of latex, it can cause contractions; therefore, it is better to cook the fruit before using it. This fruit is commonly used in Salad and Smoothie.

Benefits of Papaya

Papaya has so many benefits. It has an enzyme called Papain‎ which breaks down tough meat fibers and makes it easier for digestion. Papaya is full of Antioxidants such as Carotenoid, Lycopene, fiber, types of vitamins like A, C as well as minerals

Preventing Heart Diseases

Studies showed that Lycopene and Vitamin C prevent heart diseases. Since Papaya is full of Antioxidants and vitamins, it can improve the heart health and increase the protective effect of HDL or good cholesterol. Carotenoids in this fruit prevent the cholesterol from growing plaque in arteries and can prevent heart attack. The fiber also decreases LDL or Bad cholesterol. Papaya is good for high blood pressure. The potassium in this fruit controls the effects of Sodium and optimizes the blood flow in the vessels and controls blood pressure.

Improving Visual Perception

The orange color of this fruit is due to having Beta-Carotene which strengthens eyesight and prevent eye diseases.

Strengthening the Immune System

Antioxidants and Vitamin C of Papaya strengthen the immune system and reduce the flue and cold. Beta-Carotene in papaya reduces the risk of Asthma. This material is also available in Armenian plum, Broccoli, Honeydew, Squash and carrot. Improving the digestive system health Papain enzyme improves digestion and helps the health of digestive system. High fiber of this fruit facilitates the bowel movements and prevents Constipation due to having large amount of water.

Preventing Cancer

This fruit has antioxidants such as Carotenoid which can neutralize the free radicals. The research shows that this fruit has anticancer effects and has better effects in treating various types of cancers such as pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer. Lycopene of papaya, which is an antioxidant, reduces the risk of cancer.

Benefits of Skin and Hair

Vitamin A in this fruit is good for the hair health and helps to secrete sebum which is the natural oil of the hair. This oil moisturizes the hair. Moreover, vitamin A is necessary for the growth of the hair.
Papaya has large amount of vitamin C which increases the production of collagen and rejuvenises the skin. You can make a homemade skin mask to enjoy its benefits, but it is best to test papaya on your hand skin to avoid any probable allergic reactions on your face skin. For using papaya mask, apply the mask on your face and neck and wash it after 20 minutes. This mask reduces inflammation and pimples. You can use the puree of this fruit for making the mask. The extract of this fruit is also used for producing cream and shampoo.
Puree of papaya can be used as cure for the injuries and burns. Apply it on the injury or burn.

Papaya and Diabetes

Since this fruit includes fiber, it can reduces the blood sugar in patients with type 1 diabetes. However, its level of fructose is high; therefore, talk with your physician before using it.
A small papaya includes 3 grams of fiber which equals 17 grams carbohydrate.

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Papaya and Weight Loss

This fruit has low calorie and high fiber; hence, it reduces appetite and by reducing food portion it helps to lose weight